That custom plated car, well…

Sadly, that custom plated car and I got into a car crash in summer. No one was badly injured, just our cars and I guess mentally. Without going into detail, I’m just amazed that it even happened, as I am a GOOD driver.

My car, well, gone. The title comes from the other driver’s friend asking if it was a custom plate. Looking back it’s a silly question but for insurance purposes, it makes sense to guess if I have money. The entire ordeal was longer than I realised. I called 999 then realised it’s 911 as I was visibly shaken, the ambulance and police were told then later the fire department to move our cars and dry up the fluid.

The police car that came, took 30 minutes. 30 minutes. Geographically the nearest station was 3 minutes as I had just passed it with several cop cars parked up. But I’m grateful they came, as I wasn’t very coherent to actively do anything. For days I ached and months would remember the smell and see it happen at major turns.

The ambulance crew were kind and kept me calm as I really didn’t want to go into a panic attack. I always joke that certain situations would lead to me crying before figuring out what to do. A lot more of those things have happened recently, and I’ve not cried until I’m home and reflecting on the incident. Besides timing, I’m grateful to our public services and the speed at which they acted in, we weren’t in serious danger so I could understand. It was one of the most lost pieces of time I’ve endured since last year but I’m enthusiastically grateful to God that it was only our cars and nothing else.

The biggest crash lesson was to do a few more things that I love. I started working with children in the evenings that involved lots of physical play, I stopped because of the pain. I actually like that job but had it been worse I couldn’t physically run alongside a child again. My ideas on career have changed and I dabble in other passions more, one bad thing let to a greater expansion of my skills- who would have thought!

This song was heavily my heart for few months, have a listen to see why! I appreciate the concerns from that time. I got a new car, held my plate and now kind of want a permanent custom plate. They’re just pricy and I’m not settled on one yet! What would you get?