Who is hmmkiki?


The blog name came about when Kirah sat and thought about ‘important’ 18 year old, 3rd year of 6th form student decisions that needed to be made, she often hmm’d and aah’d as she worked through pros and cons of completing homework now or going to dance. From there it became easy to put her usual personal thinking phrase to her pet name. Hmmkiki was born at a time of maneuvering through late teenage life and making steps from college to university- both home and abroad- and wanting to share random life moments and situations she encountered on life’s path. Now 6 years later we’re here as Kirah works abroad and manages relationships at home (where her family home is in the UK) and her other home (where her heart rests with her worldwide friends).

Blogging was an easy avenue that played from Kirah’s early days in songwriting at the end of high school. Using a bigger platform as a sort of online journal, ‘this is what Christian young women deal with’, and the actual reality of what they do is what motivates her to keep writing. She desires to ignite passions, motivate people, educate young people and provoke thoughtful epiphinical conversations that you can have with your inner self or others that are somewhat funny and haphazardly sews together her ideas.

The art of blogging in her imagination is,

…a place where you express words on subjects that are important and not so important for everyone from different walks of life to read and understand a different persons culture and life.

Kirah is who Kirah chooses to show, a very much Kanye West line. But hmmkiki is a place of freedom, free flow and open minded words on a whimsical worldwide website.

9 thoughts on “Who is hmmkiki?

  1. apple juice?
    thank you for visiting my world Kirah, humbled.
    I’ve enjoyed your last few posts. Honesty with humor…I look forward to reading more.
    Wishing you peace and happiness and many December dates….days and nights with fulfilled wishes.


  2. This blog was recommended to me in my Reader. I love your layout and theme. I scanned the headlines but haven’t dived in yet. I just subbed. Do you have any recommended posts for new readers?

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure, I normally read whatever sticks out to me. I would say ecstasy, 10 hrs without my phone, your confidence. I’ve written near 100 and I can’t pick a fave that represents me or me writing. Sorry! Do let me know ur thoughts on what u read 🙂

  3. Hi Kiki, you commented on my blog desirablethings.com about my last post Eye Candy. Just thought I’d say hello and suggest you subscribe, because I’m coming back to blog more on a regular basis and I’m always going to have some talented “Eye Candy” on the site! Thanks for the comment and let’s stay in touch…I’ll write a little something about your blog when I get my writing schedule back up and on track! Have a great New Year!

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